Are Musically And TikTok The Same Thing?

What is is an app that allows you to create short videos for one minute where the user can lip-sync, following a particular music. This social media service has gained huge popularity reaching to more than 200 million users worldwide. 

The app originated in Shanghai, China with Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang as its founders. The app allows users to create videos with different speed options such as; fast, normal, slow motion, time lapse and epic. The user can also add some effects and pre-set filters.

What is TikTok?
The name TikTok has a Chinese equivalent known as Douyin meaning a vibrating sound. This is also a social media app started in China to create and share short videos in the social media account. This app was owned by a company named ByteDance. The app became popular in Asia and in the United states. It was even known as the most downloaded app last 2018 in the United States.

This app allows users to create variety of short videos. They can create 3-15 seconds of music videos, 3-60 seconds of short looping videos and more. Because it was available in 75 different languages and can be found in over 150 markets, the app gained a record of 500 million subscribers around the world last July 2018.

The Merging of TikTok and Musically
To create a larger community of video makers, TikTok and merged into one app. ByteDance which was known as the parent company of TikTok took the first step buying Musically for $1 Billion. The app became a platform that targets the teenage market in the United States. The official merging of TikTok and was on August 2, 2018. All of the existing accounts and data had consolidated into one app. So it is clear that AndTikTok are the same.