Are Musically And TikTok The Same Thing?

What is is an app that allows you to create short videos for one minute where the user can lip-sync, following a particular music. This social media service has gained huge popularity reaching to more than 200 million users worldwide.  The app originated in Shanghai, China with Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang as its […]

Breaking New Ground For MMORPGs: Mu Online Season 14

Gone are the days of joystick and CRT gaming! We are now entering a great generation where gaming has now gone way notches higher. And it is a great for gamers and online enthusiasts alike! For the millennials, there are a lot of things that one would highly look forward to.  And because of that, […]

A Must-Have Magento Extension: Helping Customers Find Your Stores

As far as usefulness is concerned, we look at the water. It is the universal solvent that all living creatures need. We also need a watch to tell us the time. We need fire to cook and other heat purposes. The same is true with a compass. It is a must for every traveler who […]

Do Business IT Support Companies Work On VoIP Systems?

Day by day, technology continues to have its own progress. In our lives, technology aids us on everything we do on a day-to-day basis. The advancement of technology is can be seen everywhere. In businesses, technology is widely used as it helps in making things done faster than before. The use of a website or […]