How Vulnerable Are Instagram Accounts?

Well, to answer this question, it would YES – our Instagram accounts are very much vulnerable to attacks and hacks. And the reason is very obvious. It is because a lot of us take for granted the knowledge that we store in our Instagram accounts. We think that just because it is our own personal account, no one would bother trying to infiltrate it.

But guess what, there are a lot of them who would want to hack in various Instagram accounts. The bad news is, one of them could be yours. It is sad that we have the common misconception that we are reasonably protected in the social media realm where in fact, it is the most prevalent place for data privacies to be at risk of getting compromised.

Thus, in order to avoid this scenario, it is best that we need to secure ourselves with various ways and means to protect our Instagram accounts and from other apps such as InstaPort.

Security features to employ:

  • Make use of the Two Factor Authentication feature offered in Instagram.

All you need to do is to follow the step by step procedure that is being required to follow there so that you will better secure your account.

  • Never accept third party applications.

This is very common in some social media accounts. If you do not trust such application, it is best that you revoke access of such application to your account. For all you know, it may be the cause of risk on your IG account.

  • Never divulge access of your location.

Some people like to update their IG statuses to the point of over disclosing certain information such as your location. Never be too open in social accounts.

  • Keep your profile as private as possible

Unless you are a public icon, it is best that you maintain low key in your IG profile.