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Employment as a Graphic Designer

In this day and age, the graphic design job market is exceptionally tight.
With regards to the print media:

1. Newspapers are not hiring because most people in the age bracket of 18-40 would rather read on the internet, and newspaper sales have significantly declined over the past few years.

2. Print firms are going out of business because they can’t get enough clients and are extremely competitive with each other.

3. When large corporations with in-house printing services decide to downsize, the first department to get cut is the Graphics Department.

Be advised, for every job opening in the printing world, there are approximately 200 resumes submitted on a daily basis.

Designers who work for ad agencies tend to stay employed at the same job for years, unless they decided to apply with another ad agency or open their own agency.

With the advent of graphics software being more accessible in the PC world, (less expensive than the MAC operating platform), when “graphic designer wanna-bees” try to enter the real world of graphic design, they seldom have the training needed to fulfill the job requirements. An untrained print designer is usually unfamiliar with printing terms or how to correctly output files.

Even folks in India are getting into the graphic design field. It has been reported that Kinkos sends out their graphics work offshore because these people are easy on the pocket.

Graphics software is expensive and is always being replaced by the latest version available to the market. It makes if very difficult to keep up with the trends, unless you have the money to keep up with the ever changing market. These software packages require processors and graphic interfaces with speed and functionality – certainly more expensive than normal desktop computers with regards to RAM.

Investing in your own print shop costs at least $50,000 for equipment. It also becomes necessary, and costly, to upgrade or maintain print equipment.

Freelancing is extremely competitive. Soliciting clients takes away from design time, hence, the bottom line (income) from your efforts.

Not to dissuade those of you who insist on pursuing this career path, at this point in time, it would be best if you studied multimedia or web design. Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML, ASP or PHP would be preferable platforms. It is a well-known fact that the market for web designers (with experience) is oversaturated as well.

Should you choose to seek employment in this field, animation seems to be the wave of the future. All indications from government reports, regarding graphic design employment, indicate that by 2010, a graphic design career will be in high demand. Currently, there are not enough jobs and an over abundance of designers.


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November 8, 2017
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Logo and Web Design: 7 Tips for Using Your Logo and Web Design for Marketing Purposes

The key to any new marketing campaign is a great website, and a great website includes a good graphic design setup. Making a website design specifically for marketing purposes requires a little bit of creativity, and a little bit of finesse. Of course, hiring a graphic designer and web developer for the design would be ideal. However, if you have the programming skills and the design skills to do it yourself, try to keep within these guidelines for the best marketing effects.

Your logo is to your company as the flag is to the United States. It is your banner, and it’s the way that your customers will grow to remember your brand. Proudly present your logo in a visible part of each page on your website. The best way to get your logo to really strike a customer’s interest is to have it be a memorable logo. Ideally, your logo’s graphic designer will incorporate your site’s name into it. Famous logos, such as McDonald’s Golden Arches, eBay’s logo, or Google’s logo all have this singular element in common. Really great websites will tie the colors of their logos into the website’s color scheme. This is a smart way to remind people of your company colors, and keep things looking unified. For an example of this design trip, look at Amazon layout. Try to keep a generally easy to navigate layout throughout your site. For instance, keeping a navigation bar constant throughout your site’s pages will encourage customers to browse the site, since it’s much easier to do so using a navigation bar. Repetition is the key to excellent design and excellent marketing. Keep your fonts constant, your headers similar, and make an effort to maintain a general template throughout the site. Too much chaos in a layout has caused several major companies (including Angelfire) to lose a massive amount of traffic in later years.

Colors matter a lot more than one would first believe when it comes to both the logo and the website desing. Avoid using clashing colors (like bright red and bright blue) side by side when you are designing a logo, or a website. This can cause vision problems in some people, and it generally doesn’t look good on any page. Similarly, don’t let your logo blend into the background to the point that it’s nearly impossible to see. A logo is supposed to be eye catching, but also needs to be easy on the eyes. Above all, remember that in both the worlds of logos and of web design, you will get what you pay for. A five dollar logo will look like a five dollar logo, more often than not. A free logo will look cheap. A professional website, along with a well-designed logo, is an investment. It’s better to pay for quality the first time than to pay for quality after wasting $50 on a terrible website. Many well-meaning CEOs will insist upon buying a logo without receiving feedback from possible future customers. While this may not always lead to ruin, getting a positive response from an outside source definitely will help determine whether or not a logo will likely be successful. If you receive too many negative responses, it’s a good idea to change the logo to something more favorable.

When creating your website, it’s best to use other sites as a way to come up with ideas for your site. Borrowing different elements, color schemes, and even trying to emulate layouts can help make your company’s site the best it can be. Of course, there cannot be a great site without a great design specialist, so start searching for the right designer today!


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November 8, 2017
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Use Graph Paper to Plan Your Kitchen Backsplash Design

Working out your design for a kitchen backsplash on graph paper will result in a beautiful kitchen backsplash. Having a detailed plan will make the work go more smoothly. It will also help you to make a budget for the project, because you’ll know exactly how large a surface the tiles must cover. If you’re working with a craftsman or a contractor, a detailed plan will communicate your ideas more clearly than words.
Planning a design for kitchen backsplash tiles is fun! Many people are intimidated by the fact that kitchen backsplash tiles are not easy to change once they are installed, so they settle for bland, boring installations. You can avoid this and take full advantage of the wonderful characteristics of tile by planning ahead.


You’ll need to create a detailed drawing of the kitchen backsplash area. Start with a rough sketch — from memory, if you like. Then, get out your tape measure and take accurate measurements. You want to be accurate to 1/8 inch, so take your time with this step. Write each measurement on the sketch as you make it. Be sure to mark the location and dimensions of existing elements, like outlets and windows. You’ll have to work around those unless you want to go to the extra trouble and expense of moving them.


Next, transfer that information to a scaled drawing on graph paper. Write in all the measurements, as well as letting them be represented as squares on the graph paper, so you won’t have to count squares every time you need a measurement.

Make multiple copies of the drawing, because you’ll want to experiment with several designs. In the early stages, you’ll want to use coloured pencils or markers to try out the overall concept. This is the moment to let your imagination run wild! It’s only paper and pencils, so you can try anything you like. These preliminary designs don’t have to be detailed — in fact, it’s probably better if they’re not. You’re trying out ideas here. You might be inspired by a beautiful tile that you’ve seen, so you’ll have to figure out the best way to use it in your own kitchen. Or you might have found a photo of a beautiful tiled kitchen backsplash, and you wonder if the design would work well in the space you have available. Try drawing or painting them on your scaled drawing and see if you like the results!


When you’ve made preliminary tile choices and are ready to plan the layout, working to a specified scale on graph paper will make it easier to see exactly how each tile contributes to the big picture. You may have to adapt the scale of your drawing to see how each tile fits. Designs with small tiles are easier to depict when rendered on a larger scale. This may seem like extra work, but it’s a really good thing to do. It’s a lot easier to change your mind on graph paper than on the wall!

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November 8, 2017
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Web Design Agency: Getting the Right People to Do the Job

When was the last time you looked at a layout of a website and said to you “Wow, now that’s what I call creativity”? A lot of time and patience is needed by web developers to get a suitable web design that they can then present to their clients. Web designing is considered an art form for the digital world. Many web designing agencies hire talented web designers into their fray. These web designers are rich in creativity and this quality helps them develop the perfect website. So in order to stay on top of the web food chain, companies have to hire the best web design agency there is to.

It is important for companies to pick the right web design agency that will be eventually responsible for designing their website. Like any other form of communication, a web design agency and the web designers must keep in mind that in order to be successful a web design must be strong and must have a central concept.

Many a time’s people get lost while navigating through your website so web designers must make sure that the website is user friendly. When people visit a particular company’s website they may be able to get whatever they are looking for without any problem. It is very important for web designers to build a strong website because a website acts as a virtual gateway between prospective clients and the company. A web design agency must also simultaneously keep in mind of what their clients what out from them. Sometimes miscommunication between both the agency and the client could lead to catastrophe, so make sure that this doesn’t happen.

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November 8, 2017
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Web Design Software Downloads

When it comes to Web design, there is a large list of programs you can use to create and enhance your website. There are even several programs and applications you can download to add greater detail to your site. Luckily many of these downloads can be done free of charge.
Java, from Sun Microsystems, has a very large list of available downloads a web designer can choose from. On the downloads website there is a list of over a dozen different downloads. Most of these applications can be used to create Web based applications which users of the website can use or download. These applications will typically be used to increase the performance of the site as well as the content you upload to is (such as graphics and videos).

If you are looking for a wider assortment of design downloads you may want to check out CoffeeCup. This site an assortment of completely different downloads you can use to create your website. Some of these downloads include a shopping cart creator, which will allow individuals browsing your site the ability to purchase products. In addition you can download an application which will allow you to add music to your site and have the music change to the visitor’s choice. This application is known as the Web JukeBox.

If CoffeeCup didn’t have what you were looking for Downloads might. Downloads (search keyword Web Design) and a list of applications you can download which is far different from CoffeeCup’s list. Some of these downloads include the ability to create flash content on your website, design interactive content on your site and several will show you how to encrypt the coding from your site so it cannot be easily hacked from outside users.

Download32 has a different arrangement of software you can download. The majority of these programs will allow you to create and design your own company or site logos, without the need of an expensive illustration program. In addition you can create three dimensional objects which you can place through the website and with some of the downloads you will even be able to animate the content.

If you are looking to download a program which can help you design and create a website from scratch you will want to try out Webstudio. This program will help you create your entire website from start to finish, without the need of paying hundreds of dollars for top line web design programs.

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November 8, 2017
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