Why Are Credit Card Numbers So Long?

Shopping and Grocery of Items
We often to buy our common necessities such as food, water, and clothing to the stores near us like malls or supermarket. Shopping products have become much easier today as many of the products that you could find in a supermarket are organize and sometimes you can buy things online and these products will be just delivered into you. Isn’t that amazing to have and become part of this article who benefits from it, right? Not only you could play the products, goods, or services you are availing through the full amount of cash but also you could pay it through swipes from your credit cards.

Use of Credit Cards
Credit cards are the ones provided by your trusted banks which allow you to buy anything that you want without having cash in your pocket as you get to pay them some time in the future. These cards are widely used in different parts of the world and most people tend to have one as it is easy to get one and it makes shopping items much easier. However, you must keep your good credit scores as having a bad reputation could make it hard for you to get one on your next purchase and sometimes you get to become stuck with a lot of debts from the things that you bought.

Credit Card Numbers and Stuff
Each number in your credit cards has its own meaning as it denotes which type of card it is.  Also, it might include the issuer identifier number as well and the other numbers are given by a special algorithm used by banks. If you want to know more details about credit card numbers, you may find it here or on the web the things or the information that could help you understand it more.

Are Musically And TikTok The Same Thing?

What is Musical.ly?
Musical.ly is an app that allows you to create short videos for one minute where the user can lip-sync, following a particular music. This social media service has gained huge popularity reaching to more than 200 million users worldwide. 

The app originated in Shanghai, China with Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang as its founders. The app allows users to create videos with different speed options such as; fast, normal, slow motion, time lapse and epic. The user can also add some effects and pre-set filters.

What is TikTok?
The name TikTok has a Chinese equivalent known as Douyin meaning a vibrating sound. This is also a social media app started in China to create and share short videos in the social media account. This app was owned by a company named ByteDance. The app became popular in Asia and in the United states. It was even known as the most downloaded app last 2018 in the United States.

This app allows users to create variety of short videos. They can create 3-15 seconds of music videos, 3-60 seconds of short looping videos and more. Because it was available in 75 different languages and can be found in over 150 markets, the app gained a record of 500 million subscribers around the world last July 2018.

The Merging of TikTok and Musically
To create a larger community of video makers, TikTok and Musical.ly merged into one app. ByteDance which was known as the parent company of TikTok took the first step buying Musically for $1 Billion. The app became a platform that targets the teenage market in the United States. The official merging of TikTok and Musical.ly was on August 2, 2018. All of the existing accounts and data had consolidated into one app. So it is clear that Musical.ly AndTikTok are the same.

A Must-Have Magento Extension: Helping Customers Find Your Stores

As far as usefulness is concerned, we look at the water. It is the universal solvent that all living creatures need. We also need a watch to tell us the time. We need fire to cook and other heat purposes. The same is true with a compass. It is a must for every traveler who needs direction. The compass will help any wanderer to find the right direction in the wilderness.

The same principle can be applied if you are a seller. Your products need endorsement. The endorsement will make the hype for your products to be known by people. You have to create your promotional materials to promote the quality of what you sell.

The magento store locator extension will serve as the compass for customers. Finding your store from a distance will not be a problem. A simple click on the internet will make a complex search simple. The Magento extension will help your customers find your stores. It is a big help that any seller needs to give hype to the products.

Helping your customers find your stores is like putting the food in their mouth. All they need is to do is chew it and grind it until their full. It is a form of promotional material packed into advanced technology. Using the extension may sound complex but the reality is that it is very simple to create. Using it does not require a programming knowledge but the result is very professional.

Say thank you to the Magento extension. It is what you need. It will make a promotion or your products easier. Since the advent of technology has influenced all of the movement, why not try this system in your store?

What are you waiting for?
Start helping your customers finds your store. Connect your store location to this system by using their extension.