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Employment as a Graphic Designer

In this day and age, the graphic design job market is exceptionally tight.
With regards to the print media:

1. Newspapers are not hiring because most people in the age bracket of 18-40 would rather read on the internet, and newspaper sales have significantly declined over the past few years.

2. Print firms are going out of business because they can’t get enough clients and are extremely competitive with each other.

3. When large corporations with in-house printing services decide to downsize, the first department to get cut is the Graphics Department.

Be advised, for every job opening in the printing world, there are approximately 200 resumes submitted on a daily basis.

Designers who work for ad agencies tend to stay employed at the same job for years, unless they decided to apply with another ad agency or open their own agency.

With the advent of graphics software being more accessible in the PC world, (less expensive than the MAC operating platform), when “graphic designer wanna-bees” try to enter the real world of graphic design, they seldom have the training needed to fulfill the job requirements. An untrained print designer is usually unfamiliar with printing terms or how to correctly output files.

Even folks in India are getting into the graphic design field. It has been reported that Kinkos sends out their graphics work offshore because these people are easy on the pocket.

Graphics software is expensive and is always being replaced by the latest version available to the market. It makes if very difficult to keep up with the trends, unless you have the money to keep up with the ever changing market. These software packages require processors and graphic interfaces with speed and functionality – certainly more expensive than normal desktop computers with regards to RAM.

Investing in your own print shop costs at least $50,000 for equipment. It also becomes necessary, and costly, to upgrade or maintain print equipment.

Freelancing is extremely competitive. Soliciting clients takes away from design time, hence, the bottom line (income) from your efforts.

Not to dissuade those of you who insist on pursuing this career path, at this point in time, it would be best if you studied multimedia or web design. Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML, ASP or PHP would be preferable platforms. It is a well-known fact that the market for web designers (with experience) is oversaturated as well.

Should you choose to seek employment in this field, animation seems to be the wave of the future. All indications from government reports, regarding graphic design employment, indicate that by 2010, a graphic design career will be in high demand. Currently, there are not enough jobs and an over abundance of designers.


November 8, 2017
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